Kiuruvesi "Finland’s Capital of the Sustainable Development"

Area 1426,3 km2
Population 9 157
Founded 1873

Kiuruvesi is a lively countryside town located in eastern Finland in the county called Pohjois-Savo. Surrounded by unspoiled nature and committed to sustainable development it is proud to call itself "Finland’s Capital of the Sustainable Development". Notwithstanding its tranquil location, it is also by the side of convenient transport connections.

Foundation of the local authority dates back to 1873, when the community of farmers in the area had grown big enough to form an independent municipality. Skylark was chosen to become the heraldic animal of the municipality. Milk was the main product a century ago, and it is still the cornerstone of the local economy. Indeed, Kiuruvesi still today produces more milk and meat than any other area in Finland: 47 million litres milk each year. Nevertheless it is not only agriculture we live on. The other main fields of industry are forestry and metal.

The local authority has identified its main objectives in supporting the development of the local trade and industry, providing excellent performance in social and health services, offering its residents wide-ranging educational and leisure facilities as well as creating ever more pleasant living environment. Because of our consideration for our inhabitants and their environment alike, Kiuruvesi council has committed itself to the principles of sustainable development. The local authority pays attention to environmental issues throughout its activities. In particular we are specialising in the development of environment friendly production and processing technologies in agriculture and forestry.

In July our little town is getting filled with visitors from near and far during the "Iskelmäviikko"-festival. This five-day happening brings together the most popular Finnish singers of pop- and dance pavilion music. It is a celebration of the romance of the white northern nights, tango, nostalgic lyrics and the unique dance pavilion culture of Finland. Dancing and singing goes on four days and nights. The winners of qualifying singing competitions around the country meet to see who the best young talent is in Finnish popular music. If you want to try becoming a singer yourself you can take singing lessons from a Finnish maestro during the festival.

Kiuruvesi has the population of 9 157 half of which lives in the town centre located by the side of the lake Kiurujärvi
(the 1st Jan. 2011). The total area of Kiuruvesi is 1423 km2. Lakes and waterways cover 6,4% of the territory. Neighbouring municipalities are Iisalmi, Pielavesi, Pyhäjärvi, Pyhäntä and Vieremä.

From the beginning of 1993 Kiuruvesi municipality was granted the status of "town" in basis of the range and quality of local services. The event, giving the inhabitants the fun and enjoyment to call themselves "town dwellers", created also a new topic for local humour.

To come to see us the high way connection is the road 27 that runs by the side of the town centre in east-west direction. It offers excellent connections to the most important south-north routes of the country, road 4 and road 5, which are both just 30 km away. Kiuruvesi town centre also benefits from the Iisalmi-Ylivieska railway with the local station offering comfortable connections to long distance railway lines.

The nearest airport offering a regular airline service is the Airport in Kuopio. In addition to the convenient train and express bus connections to Kuopio, a direct service to Kuopio operates twice a day to and from Kiuruvesi bus station.

For the aviation enthusiasts an airport, suitable for small aircraft traffic is located 4 km from the town centre.

The name Kiuruvesi:

Kiuru is the bird Alauda Arvensis or skylark
Vesi means a lake, so Kiuruvesi is the Larklake in English
Identification of the bird Kiuru:
Lenght 18 cm
In Finland 1,5 million
Colour brownish
Occurence on fields and bogs

Guidebook for immigrants in English

You can find the guidebook for immigrants living in Upper Savo (Ylä-Savo) from this page in Finnish, in English and in Russian. Guidebook in Estonian will be completed in spring 2012. Please check also Info Bank, where you can find information about Finland in 15 languages.

The Upper Savo immigrant advisor Kaja Rahkema provides counseling in Finnish, English, Russian and Estonian. Contacts: Email:, Tel. +358 40 674 0179. Office: Kauppakatu 24, Iisalmi. Immigrant adviser works in Iisalmi, but also in other municipalities. Appointment will be agreed with the immigrant advisor.
The new Upper Savo integration program is ready and will be adopted in the beginning of 2012 in municipality councils. The Program includes mainly measures for authorities. Program will be published on this website. 

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